1 Pint $23+ $9.95 (hazmat S&H) = $32.95

1 Pint w/ Bottle Measure $27 + $9.95 (hazmat S&H) = $36.95

1 Quart w/ Bottle Measure $35 + $14.95 (hazmat S&H) = $49.95

1/2 Gallon $49 + $19.95 (hazmat S&H) = $68.95


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Father Richard Wilhelm is the founding father for EchoH2O2. He originally formed ECHO in the 1940's as a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the benefits, safe usage, and handling of 35% H2O2. EchoH2O2 LLC was born from this organization. We have been serving the public for over two decades and continually strive to educate concious people who wish to improve their lives with the safe usage of 35% Food Grade H2O2. Father Willheim provided an information booklet called "A Progress Report" shown below. Click on the thumbnail images below to make them larger.